IDEA GENERATIONM.E.HUB offers a free online course to guide wannabe migrant entrepreneurs who have an “entrepreneurial intention” in the development of a concrete and feasible business project through effective strategies, knowledge and tools.


Before starting the course, learners shall take this self-assessment test to assess their competences and recognise their strengths and weaknesses.


Please follow the order of the lessons from 1 to 3, download each of them, read all contents proposed and perform the activities and exercises included. Before starting, learn more about EntreComp Framework.

Tips for learners: download all files, study them, follow instructions and carry out activities included.

Tips for trainers:these lessons are designed for face-to-face. Download all files, print any activities if necessary and carry them out with your groups of learners.


This lesson introduces learners to the entrepreneurship world with a special focus on entrepreneurial skills, traits and characteristics and includes questions and worksheets to guide them throughout the discovery of their own view on  entrepreneurial skills and their experiences.

This lesson guides learners throughout a self-reflection path on their passions and interests as drivers of business ideas to allow them identify their own best business idea and compare it to similar existing businesses.

This lesson provides learners with an effective insight into the vision and mission of their own business project idea in order to reflect and have an effective approach on the core value of it.

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