M.E.HUB offers a free online course to guide wannabe migrant entrepreneurs who have a clear business project that they are about/wish to start up in the development of their entrepreneurial project in detail and generation of a sustainable business plan through the Creative Project Canvas.


Please follow the order of the lessons from 1 to 3, download each of them, read all contents proposed and print out the Creative Project Canvas. Then, follow all steps and instructions provided in all three Lessons to build it individually or with other learners.

 Tips for trainers: download all files, study them, follow instructions and carry out activities included.

Tips for trainers: these lessons are designed for face-to-face. Download all files, print any activities if necessary and carry them out with your groups of learners.

This lesson helps learners to identify the core value of their business project idea for themselves and others and reflect upon any predictable short-term personal, human and financial gains and losses and long-term rewards.

This lesson supports learners to explore any existing and/or potential networks to create, execute and promote their project, to identify the main activities and workflow of their project as well as any material, human resources and the actual time needed to start, run, manage and execute all their projects activities, services/products.

This lesson supports learners to identify those who can support as well as express constructive critics towards their business project, to get feedback from their potential customers and finally to reflect and select effective and tailor-made channels through which their potential audiences/customers,  stakeholders, sponsors may access their  project.

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